Investing in the Stock Market Part 1

I have a little money to throw around and finally become an investor thanks in part to my tax refund. The Rich Dad author said that boys spend and men invest. I am aiming at a few shares of a particular tech company which is a fruit that I am not going to say. It is trading at nearly $500/share. Why not invest in a company that has performed so well in the past? Well, there are a lot of reasons we all know but I am willing to take that risk. The iPad 3 seems to be coming out in early March which can be the catalyst to launch my minimal shares into astronomical returns. I am using since I am somewhat of a cheapskate and like how the broker assisted trades do not cost extra. For the cheapest commission, I can buy and sell when I would like.

I plan to hold this stock from this week until May when I will pull out of the market. This is an experiment worth $1600. According to my research I am expecting a return close to 15% which will do much better than just sitting in a Capital One savings account with their 0.25 percentages.

This will be the first post in a series from now until May when I plan to cash out, that is if there is any cash left ;-).


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