Mixtape Review: Wiz Khalifa’s [BGA] “Taylor Allderdice”

This Jon Garcia guy gave this mixtape a 8/10. I have to agree and give it an 8/10 as well. In a week it grew on me. It is way better than Rolling Papers, about equal to Cabin Fever, but not as good as Kush n OJ. In this mixtape, Wiz is doing the usual in which rappers who come from nothing finally have money in their pockets and lthey then LET US KNOW THAT FACT, when all we want to hear is Weed smoking music. I don’t like the commentaries with the DJ at the end of each song, only the music. Wiz, if you ever read this, stop worrying about what the naysayers are saying and make more Weed smoking music; not that bad of a mixtape though.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Taylor Allderdice is the name of Wiz Khalifa’s latest mixtape, as well as his old high school – signifying a return to his roots. After the negative feedback his debut album Rolling Papers received, the return is in order. In most Hip-Hop star’s careers, there is a tipping point – the sound that built their initial fan base will either stay for good, or fall back to a more commercial approach. After the latter fizzled out critically, though excelled commercially, Wiz is attempting to muster up his former remedy of success.

As soon as “Amber Ice” kicks into gear, the Pittsburgh native’s shift in musical paradigm is apparent. The first three songs on the mixtape: the former, “California” and “Mia Wallace” are shrouded in coolness, increasing with each song. Dreamy production and catchy sayings is Khalifa’s bread and butter, and he sets the table very…

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