Southshore Lake Pontchartrain Fishing

Saturday, I took a friend of mine to the lake to do some fishing. We haven’t wet lines since November 2011. According to Bait Inc., live shrimp will not be available until May 1, therefore, we bought market bait. Our initial plan was to hit the Rigolets but his new 2011 Evinrude motor would not crank. We ended up taking my father’s boat with a 115 horsepower Evinrude from 1976 that ran LIKE A BEAST to the lake.  At 12 pm, we launched underneath the Seabrook bridge then went to the white trout hole which is signified by an air-filled buoy, 2 minute ride from the dock. I landed a nice 15 lb black drum and some decent sized croakers. I didn’t feel the need to take pictures of them; I assure you this is no fish tale. The most important aspect of this trip was to reconnect with a spot I have not been to since 2002. The spot is adjacent to Bally’s where the sailboat launch is along the rocks:


My fishing buddy outfished me at this spot catching two more keeper drum and nice sized croakers. I think this will be a very viable spot once live shrimp are available again on May 1st. I’m not like Frank Davis who can be somewhat stingy on where he went to catch fish. This is a spot which takes literally 10 minutes from leaving my house to being in the water. It doesn’t get better than that.


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