Mixtape Review: Young Roddy – Good Sense

Young Roddy of the Jet$ dropped a mixtape on April Fools Day 2012 called, “Good Sense,” like the sandwich bag company. Here’s the mixtape cover:

I am a sucker for beats meaning I like the musical aspect of raps songs more than the lyrics. A song needs a good beat in order to me even consider listening to the song. I often argue with people who prefer lyrics over the beat. I’ll save that argument for a later post. In short, this mixtape will have to appeal to my urge to hear good beats. I’m going to give the tape a preliminary 8/10. Here are some initial remarks, I’ll update later when I have listened to it more:

  • No Street Wiz features. The Wizard of the Streets MUST bless at least one track. That is like a prerequisite for any Jet Life project, seriously.
  • Beats went from average to good for the most part. Spectacular beats include, “Plot,” “Good Sense,” “Blow,” and “Trapologist” feat. Nesby Phips
  • I give the mixtape an 9/10 after listening again and seeing him rock the stage like a champ on 4/20 at the HOB in New Orleans.


At any rate, it’s Jet$ over Everything!!! ✈✈✈✈✈


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