First Hornets Game I’ve Gone to in Three Years

I scored a ticket for free and after realizing no one was interested in attending the game outside the arena for a $10 ticket, with a 37.5% sale (reg. ticket price was $16), I thought I’d check it out to see Eric Gordon play after his long hiatus due to his knee. I am not a New Orleans Hornets fan. I no longer have a favorite team. I liked the late 90’s Knicks with Allan Houston, Latrell Sprewell, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Charlie Ward, with Chris Childs, Kurt Thomas, and Marcus Camby coming off the bench. Since then, NBA basketball has fallen off for me. If anything I watch the playoffs (Read: NBA Finals).

The last Hornets game I have been to was when Carmelo went berserk on the Hornets and beat them by 60 some-odd points. No joke! I ordered Dippin’ Dots and peanuts. At halftime I was ready to leave, no longer interested in this boring game. I did get a chance to snap a few photos before I left though.



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