Jet Life Tour 2012: New Orleans House of Blues Wrap-Up 4/20

Straddling the fence on whether or not to go see Curren$y and the Jet$ perform this past Friday, I decided to go. Not only are they my favorite rappers (entertainers) but I like to support local acts. I called my podna who is also a fan and we went out to the HOB.

We touch down onto Decatur Street and I solicit others to sell me a ticket. My other podna had some tickets locked down since Mardi Gras Day back in February. Luckily, I found a guy who did not want to scalp me and I paid face value ($30 bucks). My podna who came with me bought his for $40 even though he was prepared to drop $100 on one ticket.

Before we went in, we lingered a while outside around the tourbus. There, I saw the Jet Street Wiz and living legend, Styles P. At that point, I knew it would be a good night. We got in without a problem to a packed House of Blues, mainly of young white guys and to a lesser extent black guys. Girls were outnumbered perhaps 1-20. Sausagefest it was. We walked in to see Calliope Var on stage performing and so I knew I still had time to hit the bar and find a good spot to watch.

After bullying my way past a multitude of young stoners, I settled in at about 50 feet from the stage, I had my eye contacts in so it was a clear spot even amidst the indo clouds. I said, “Get out the way, man” about 3 times to different people who wouldn’t move. They were so loaded they didn’t even look to fight with me. These people were true stoners. Everyone had their “doobies” rolled up and kept offering me some but I was on a natural high and brewskis. One dude even passed out on the floor after some seizure he had. Honestly, I laughed at him because he was going so hard just 5 minutes before. He got escorted out, hopefully an ambulance came and got him. Back to the show:

Nesby Phips followed Calliope Var then performed songs which he said he made all the beats. After Nesby got off the stage, Corner Boy P came on stage and performed. It was my first time sitting there and actually having to listen to Corner Boy P who I never desired to listen to. The little I heard in the past did nothing for me frankly. Still in all, he had a good stage presence. He was probably the most animated, less Curren$y, of all performers that night. I am not going to say I am now a fan of Corner Boy P, but I respect his grind. He had a few catchy songs. He’ll get his following eventually. Street Wiz was on the set with Corner Boy P but performed only one verse. I was looking forward to seeing Street Wiz destroy the mic but he wound up rapping only one verse. Street Wiz is arguably the strongest lyricist in the Jet$ camp. I was surprised and upset he only peformed one verse. Next up was Fiend, who began his set with a throwback, “Womp Womp,” from his No Limit days. I hoped Fiend would bring out Street Wiz to perform “Streetlights,” but that never happened. After Fiend, Smoke DZA came out and did his thing with much enthusiasm. I never heard the songs he performed. I am not a big DZA fan so enough on him. At last some of the people I paid money to see came out, Trademark and Young Roddy. They rocked the house. Roddy performed a song or two off of his new mixtape, “Good Sense”. Finally, Spitta come out at frickin 3 am. He was wrong for coming out that late. Still in all, he had great energy and palyed many of my favorites. The BBS beat came on, the curtains slowly opened up, and there he was Spitta, who still didn’t come out until 3 am. The best moment of the night for me is when Spitta had his features come in, especially Trademark and Young Roddy for “Roasted.” He finished at 4 a.m.

Outside the club, I had a chance to dap-off and exchange a few words with Street Wiz and Young Roddy. I still wanted to meet Trademark and Styles P who were both no where to be found.This was actually my first official Curren$y and the Jet$ concert. I’ve seen Spitta featured at other concerts in the past. I have some footage from the night. I give the concert an 8 of 10. My main grips involve Street Wiz rapping only one verse, Spitta coming out at 3 am, and the stoned vibe of the audience could have been misinterpreted as being nonchalant.

Here’s Roddy performing, “The Plot,” off of his  latest mixtape, “Good Sense”.



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