5 Worst Bumps/Potholes in New Orleans (Gentilly Edition)

No one can find this type of stuff on the internet but we all know these things exist. Here, I decided to indicate five locations on roads in Gentilly New Orleans that have major potholes/bumps. If awareness is given to them, then it will send a message to those in charge DPW (Department of Public Works) the need to repair them. This is not an exhaustive list but some I traverse across quite frequently in my driving. Many major streets have recently or are currently being repaired in New Orleans so I will leave those alone and focus on the off-streets with one exception. Streets in New Orleans range from brand new to impassible. I’ll make this in to a series. This is the Gentilly Edition. Here we go!

I plotted all five of these locations on a map:

5 Bumps of Gentilly

The list begins here:

5. St. Denis between Touro St. & Frenchmen St.

Watch out for the middle and far sides of this one way thoroughfare. The holes pop up like alligators after flesh and might snatch your tires. Drive slow homie.

4. Cluster of bad roads underneath 6-10 overpass (Arts St.)

If only these streets underneath the 6-10 Overpass were utilized more frequently, it would have been number one. This is a nightmare for wimpy tires and people who drive cars with no or bad shocks. The bottom picture even has a swamp next to it. I now know where the Sasquash  who was walking around the area late at night came from.

3. Leon C. Simon at Press

Most motorists familiar with the area know not to drive in the slower lane at this point of Leon C. Simon. You’d be a fool if you did. This bump has been here since I can remember and has yet to be repaired so beware.

2. Hayne Blvd. (many think it’s Congress Dr.) by Barrow

Pump the brakes and watch for fish. This spot on Hayne, even though I thought it was Congress Dr., right behind the tennis courts and Barrow Stadium, houses a massive bed of a pot hole when dry and a mini lake pontchartrain when wet. Steer clear or be ready to swim.

Last but not least:

1. Franklin Ave. & Gentilly Ave.

It amazes me how many people cross Gentilly Ave. on Franklin going northbound and stay in the right lane. I can’t even remember this bump not being there. It is hilarious to watch people, especially the elderly lol, drive fast and their cars/trucks start bucking like a raging bull when they go across this bump. Cars that hit it make a very distinct clanking sound.

Wrap Up

There you have it: Five (5) notorious locations in Gentilly, New Orleans for major bumps and potholes purposely designed to wreak havoc on your vehicle. If you ever fall victim to one of these literal pits, then don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

P.S. Yes I know some of these pictures are five years old but I know the area well and can assure you these pits still exist.


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