Mosquito Hawks or Dragonflies

I’ve gotten into heated arguments about whether a two certain species of insect are referred to as mosquito hawks or dragonflies. It seems as if people down here just call both species mosquito hawks. Let’s take a look at the difference on how I describe them:

1. Mosquito Hawk

This is what most people think of when someone says, “Look at that mosquito hawk.” All people tend to agree on this. On the other hand…

2. Dragonfly

This is where we have our heated arguments. These are dragonflies not mosquito hawks like people down here call them. Since when do dragonflies eat mosquitoes exclusively?

I did a little bit of researching and found an article which solidifies the people of New Orleans’ claims (damn it!) that a dragonfly is a sort of mosquito hawk. “They are a treasure for humanity because they keep mosquito populations under strict control by feasting on them when they are in abundance (

In syntax, I win but in application New Orleans people who I disagreed with win here.


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