Mixtape Review: Cigarette Boats – Curren$y

Here is the mixtape (Extended Play) by Curren$y featuring producer Harry Fraud was found on Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Allderdice song: Blindfolds. I’m glad I am not the only one learning Spanish. “La musica de Harry Fraud” is the voice logo for this talented white boy purportedly from out the BK (Brooklyn). Here we go:

1. Leaving the Dock: This is a nice song to start off the EP. I like the guitar. Spitta seems to work very well with Harry Fraud.

2. WOH feat. Styles P: “Way out heaa, you can feel the ambiance.” I am glad Styles P came back to work more with Spitta and not bounce after the EP, “Here.”

3. Biscayne Bay: By far the best song on the EP. What a great beat for Spitta to rhyme to.

4. Mirrors ft. Smoke DZA: Not a bad song. At the same time, it is not my favorite.

5. Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet: Smoothness is exemplified in this song. The song contains a smooth beat as well as lessons everyone can learn from: “Money in the floor in case they kick in the door. Saran wrap in the walls in case they bring them dogs. ”

Overall, the mixtape was a very solid product coming from Spitta x Harry Fraud. I would definitely like to see them work more in the future. Curren$y demonstrates his versatility in collaborating with non-mainstream artists. Cigarette Boats does Not qualify as being on Covert Coup’s level since it was about half the songs.

It’s no secret that I am Street Wiz fan. I would have liked to have heard a hot 16 to these mellow beats from either Street Wiz or Roddy/Trademark. 5 songs always leaves us wanting more and that is exactly what happened here. I am giving this EP a 7.5/10.


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