There’s Nothing to Eat in Gentilly

As in most post-WWII communities across the United States, most residential districts are only residential.  This causes the main arteries in such a community to be the only places with commercial development. Oftentimes, the majority of the commercial development in regards to food is none other than drive-thru fast food or take-out. What Gentilly lacks as does most ‘newer’ parts of New Orleans is walk-up cafes and higher-quality restaurants.

Here are some restaurants in Gentilly (Leon C. Simon is in Seabrook and does not count):

  1. Good Time Sushi on Elysian Fields
  2. 2 McDonald’s (Elysian Fields loc and Old Gentilly Road loc)
  3. 2 Burger Kings (Elysian Fields loc and Chef loc)
  4. Burger Orleans on Gentilly
  5. Subway on Caton
  6. McKenzie’s Chicken in a Box
  7. Papa John’s Pizza on Robert E. Lee
  8. (2) Popeyes (Elysian Fields loc and Chef loc)
  9. (2) Wendy’s (Elysian Fields loc and Chef loc)
  10. Taco Bell on Chef
  11. String of restaurants on Franklin Ave (Fleury of Wings?)
  12. Chinese Tea Garden/Kitchen on Filmore
  13. Sammy’s Food which is NOT OPEN FOR DINNER
  14. New food joint that always changes ownership (old Nacho Mama’s site)
  15. Daiquiri shop on Elysian Fields is you count bar food
  16. Gas stations such as Brothers that sell greasy fried food

That’s a large number of mostly fast food joints. Where are the cafes? Where are the steakhouses? Where are the bar and grills? Why is Gentilly a different world from Magazine St. restaurant-wise? Why is the daiquiri shop the ONLY place to sit, eat, and grab a drink in Gentilly?

If you are a restaurant owner and exist within Gentilly, make yourself known so I can frequent you. One day, I will open up a cafe and you will come thru.




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