Google has shut down SMS

What the *fill in the blank*? I am one of the few people (in the US/developed world) that does not have features such as 4G and constant internet. Therefore, I actually cared for the SMS feature google had. All one had to do was text whatever to GOOGLE: 466453 and it would respond with instant hits. I used it for four main purposes: 1) definitions of English words i.e. “define impetuous” 2) translations i.e. “t I was going to help but could not english to spanish” 3) websites i.e. “web speckled trout” and finally 4) directions “3700 Orleans Avenue to US 1 Miami, FL”. So all of that shit is gone and I am now left with truly a transmitter. First World Problems, I know but c’mon google, reinstall it. It was a great tool to have in the arsenal!!!!!


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