Modern Female B.S.

Why you wanna play games on me?


So, I told the red 7.5/10 (not quite a fiya red) who I had met in the street to scoop me up so we could get a drink or two and some apps at a Mexican cafe. She parked her old school car 1990s across the street from my crib.  Got to have the logistics right! I offered to drive since it would have been a more comfortable ride. She stood about 5’2 and had a decent ethnic hairstyle. So, off we go to our destination. During the ride, she is hesitant to talk and takes out her phone often. Her being 23, I thought nothing of it and know that phones have made the game a bit harder these days for men. The constant stream of validation that comes with having public information for the world to see on platforms such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, among others has enabled the most average of chicks to get loads of attention from desirable males. Nevertheless, Red 7.5/10 and I arrive at our destination. I order our drinks and start some playful conversation. She’s not biting any of it. She stays on her phone for a while. After minutes of one word responses to my conversation, I finally call her out on having her phone out on our date. “Hey, what are you doing on your phone? It’s not cool to be on your phone the entire time during a date.” She replied, “oh well you didn’t ask me what I was doing on my phone.” At that point, I realized who I was dealing with. The modern slightly above average looking woman with the attention span of a fly rears its ugly head. She goes further and says, “hey, I may be leaving soon since my girlfriend has gotten into a fight with her boyfriend.” I say, “Okay, I’ll take you home after these drinks.” She replies, “Well, my friend may come get me if need be.” I say ok and we chat for 5 minutes. Her body language is frozen as the entire night wore on not giving any IOI’s (indicators of interest). Soon after, she answers the phone says, “yes, ok,” then hangs up. She tells me, “good bye, my friend is here to pick me up.” She then reached for a hug and left and told me to text her. I sat there amazed at her thinking that I would actually text her after this day. There’s no way I’m even contacting her again unless she shows up at my house with a T-shirt with nothing on underneath (won’t get my hopes up for that).

red woman texting

Lessons learned: Not every approach will bring sex into your life. Quality approaches are most important. The higher quality approach, the higher the chance she will get intimate with you. I spent a grand total of 3 minutes chatting with this girl before we had exchanged phone numbers and split. Getting women is a numbers game but it should be said that getting high quality leads are important in game and in the business world.


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