How to Get Girls at Bars with Outdoor Seating

A very specific type of game is needed for a popular style of bar here in New Orleans. These types of bars have courtyards/outdoor seating. Much of the talent (fine women) are outdoors in the courtyard sitting with oftentimes mixed groups or among themselves. They are 99% drinking draft beers in large cups. This allows the women to chat together away from the bar causing them to nurse the beer. This type of setup calls for cold approaches. If you have not come with your own girls, cold approaching is the only way to succeed in this if you are not tied up into their social circle any kind of way. Therefore, in order to maximize the return of these types bars are to follow this steps:

1. It is better to take  a competent wingman with you

Since most girls will be here with groups, it will be better (not mandatory) to bring a cool wingman who can hold a conversation with you. You do not want to have to do all of the talking the entire time with two women, but who knows, maybe you can finagle a threesome out of it (1 in 50 chance). The wingman will be there to help the conversation flow smoothly. Make sure you decide on who wants who. Having a pair of women is more doable than 3+, at that point, cockblocking and ugly girl percentages increase.

2. Meet girls who are ordering drinks

These girls are either just showing up to find seats to be able to sit down and need a beer. These are also girls who were already seated and are getting their next round. This is the absolutely best time to approach them. Simply say, “hey, what kind of beer are you getting,” and take it from there.

3. Try to have a seat with said girls

After you have a built up a little rapport with the women, you can say “let’s go find a seat” to continue discussing, navel oranges and how they look like mammalian nipples while sitting. Be the man to find the seats and lead them there.

4. Take them home

At this point of the night, where a few rounds have been drunk, touching has been taking place, and perhaps a kissing session or two, it is time to take them to the next spot, the crib for further sexual activity. Simply say, let’s get out of here and take a cab back to the place. Smash like a champ!

Results may vary.


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