3 Ways Black Women from New Orleans are Great




After giving you some of the more negative attributes of New Orleans’ colored women, I have to give you a few positive attributes of the black women here for one MAJOR and timely reason. Firstly, I am not being apologetic for the hit-piece I wrote on New Orleans’ black women earlier. It is the truth and the truth hurts. However, the major reason I have decided to write a pleasant article on New Orleans’ black women is due to how the women responded to the true advent of the spring season. The timing of the confluence of the 2014 spring season and French Quarter Festival worked in unison; its own version of the planets aligning. What I am talking about here is what we, the men of New Orleans, have been waiting for since October of 2013 because of the long winter that ensued: summer dresses, short shorts, long sexy legs, and skin skin skin skin skin. I think you get the picture. Saturday, April 12, 2014 was by far the most robust display of tits, legs, skin, and butts from our sistahs thus far this year and maybe since Essence Fest 2013. This display even blew away Mardi Gras 2014. How is that even possible? Well, it happened. Witnessing this even has enabled me to realize something special about the black women from New Orleans, that it would be remiss of me to not dedicate a positive post to these women who for the majority of the time piss me off. Here are three ways colored women from New Orleans are Great:

1. Black Women from New Orleans dress very sexy when it’s warm outside

Goodbye jeans, black tights (will be missed a bit), ugg boots, wool coats, knit caps and hello to the summer dresses, booty shorts, jean shorts with rips at the bottom, among other delicacies. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen you all. It’s good to have you all back in my life. The women here will dress very provocatively during the daytime to attract men even if their own attitudes are incongruent. Deep down, I’m betting on this spring summer to be the impetus to higher quality and higher quantity of pussy in my life since I’ve been back in the game for 6 months or so. I am excited to be alive right now (even with one final supposed cold snap that’ll last a couple of days). But just check this itinerary: FQ Fest, Easter, Jazz Fest, Memorial Day… It’s gonna be a lot of skin exposure very very very very soon. There’s no way to not come up in this environment. I just Got to stay strapped when I’m inside those legs though.

2. Black Women from New Orleans shake their butts (twerk) with the best of them

I’ve been to black urban night spots in New York, NY, across Central Florida, Memphis, TN, Dallas TX, Atlanta Georgia, Jackson, MS, Baton Rouge, LA, among other locations. I haven’t been out in the Midwest and West Coast so it remains to be seen how our women stack up to women in those places in the twerk department. However, I would put any money that I’ve seen the best jiggles right here at home. Other places can compare only in the sense that they are willing to dance with men. It is very seldom in New Orleans for young colored women to grind on men. That started to cease in about 2002. Nevertheless, it is a spectacle to see.

3. Black Women from New Orleans just simply are attractive

The facial features and skin tones of the colored women are great and consistent across the board. I am not one of the black men who prefer light skinned women per se but I can attest that the mix is very extraordinary when it is combined with wild hair, curvy bodies (not fat but true curvy bodies), and long legs. Black women in New Orleans for those who do not know range from almost passing for white to black as night. The average is somewhere in between the extremes. It is mostly light brown skinned women who wear red lipstick and it is just incredible.


I am not solely a complaint maker. I appreciate the things that I like and I give credit where it is due. This spring has sprung forth some new vibrancy into the black women of New Orleans. They have responded greatly with their great outfits and sexy bodies.

red pink shirt fqfestphoto


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