Dallas-Ft. Worth Women (A General Introduction)

The following is a guest post by NolaAmbassador:

I want to begin this post by first taking note of how excited I am about the New Orleans Renaissance that has been taking place. It has been a while since I’ve been back home, but NolaMan tellls me very good things.  But of course, hosting last year’s Super Bowl and this year’s NBA All Star Game, does have a tendency to help just a bit in addition to the other infamous events that take place here. Due to my occupation and my future entrance into graduate school, I am not living in New Orleans at the moment. The Dallas-Ft. Worth area is where my embassy (bachelor pad apartment) is located. I am about 25 minutes from uptown Dallas, my play-ground and my hunting-ground, where I prefer to do most of my socializing. Nonetheless, I’d like to introduce myself properly. I am the NolaAmbassador.

Aside from working, studying, and going to the gym, it is indeed healthy for a young bachelor to have a dating life. I have been living in the metroplex for 4 years now. Needless to say, I have had considerable success during my invasion of the area, campaign, whatever u want to call it. NolaMan, in his latest post, offered his critique of African-American woman in New Orleans. I will be the first to say, on the NolaManBlog, that there are considerable differences and similarities in the metroplex to say the least. NolaMan, my close friend and confidant, was interested in provoking a response from me, in regards to his article on Black women. After four years of living in the DFW area, I feel that there has been an adequate amount of time to establish my perceptions of the women here…of course, deem them “legitimate.” Ultimately, these are my observations in written form, which apply not only to Black women in the DFW area, but women of all ethnicities.



Dallas women are very pleasant for the most part, even at night. There’s a common belief that women are in a cat-like state during the day, and dogs at night. The women of Dallas are indeed in a cat-like state during the day, but at night, they are more of the “lioness” variety, and are even quite aggressive in their pursuit of men. Being a young man in my late twenties, I have even encountered a few “cougars.” At the bars, I tend to make casual conversation with women, about a variety of topics and current events, concealing my intentions initially. Undoubtedly, my experiences have been pleasant. A significant number of women have even bought drinks for me at bars and they flat-out refuse when I try repeatedly to return the favor. Phone numbers are easy to obtain, but with North Texas women, I feel that a genuine connection, which can be accomplished by a 15 minute convo at the bar (believe it or not), is what they deeply desire. Surprisingly, this pleasant attribute of Dallas ladies applies to Dallas women of “all” ethnicities, including of course, Black women.  Also, some women even find it strange when long conversations are initiated with them without even asking for a number. It’s almost as if I’m obligated to take it if she shows interest. The only variable that may affect this observation is the fact that the DFW area is home to a lot of women who have moved from other places, including Oklahoma, California, Louisiana, etc., due to the stable economy. Most women that I have socialized with are from Texas, but there are quite a few from other places in the U.S. as well.



What attracts me to a woman are her feminine qualities. The women of Dallas have this, generally speaking, but not all. There are bad types everywhere. The pros of increased femininity  are that these women are not too outspoken, tend to wear heels and dresses in the uptown Dallas area (I have a passion for dresses and heels), and of course…drum roll…they smile and make eye contact to signal their attraction. On the flip-side, a lot of them tend to be shy, timid, and reserved. As a result of this, it takes a while for them to open up. But hey, at least the bros don’t have to tremble at the thought of brutal rejection. That does not occur here, unless of course you’re an asshole or the female just really doesn’t like you. I’ve been an asshole (of the milder variety) plenty of times and still had success.



And lastly…what I love most about Dallas women are that they do not flake at all. They show up on time, usually five minutes early to dates (if you and her are meeting up), they answer text messages right away, phone calls, and even emails promptly, and with enthusiasm. But unfortunately, I’m full of sh*t. Sorry, but I had to see if you would fall for that. While the women of the metroplex are indeed friendly and feminine, they are as flaky and fake as it gets. Without a doubt, this is the nature of the dating game/culture in America, for the most part. Getting a phone number is great, but don’t expect a “pick up” or “text reply” unless she’s actually into you. Girls here love to pretend that they are attracted or interested in you. How do you know if she’s really into you?? You Don’t. I’ve had sex with girls who gave me their numbers with a stoic, unenthusiastic face. On the other hand, I’ve been repeatedly flaked on by women who gave me their number with a smile, giggle, “f**k me face,” and even reiterated that I “better call them or else.” Texas girls tend to give their number to guys that they aren’t even into. Fortunately and “unfortunately”, there is an increased value of male attention here. The good news is that if you walk up to the girl of your dreams, no matter how hot she is, she’ll probably give you the time of day and even a 5-10 minute conversation. Your bar/club/lounge audience won’t even be able to gain the pleasure of chuckling at your humiliating rejection, because most of the time, there isn’t a flat out rejection. Bad news is, the phone number you obtained means nothing, unless she’s actually into you. Due to the flakiness and exaggerated politeness, its hard to tell. Regardless of the phony personalities you may encounter…take up the numbers, engage in conversation, and you will score regardless. It’s a numbers game, after all.



All in all, you will find your experience with Dallas women to be enjoyable. If your lady friend at the bar was auditioning for a movie role or an Academy Award, then at least she saved you the embarrassment of rejection. And if she was actually into you, then I’m pretty sure you had a great time with her later on that night, or maybe a few days/weeks later. At the end of the day, my best advice is to be a man, be aggressive, and call it like you see it. With a little persistence and assertiveness…You will score here regardless.

Go Forth and Conquer,






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