The American Girl and the French Girl

After trolling the Magazine Street blocks for a bit after eating, I had garnered enough confidence to do a sober street approach in late night (9 pm or so). It was two 8ish white women having a talk. I interrupted their conversation, which was the American girl telling a story to the French girl. I used an indirect opener and here’s roughly the exchange:

Me: Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt but I was wondering if you all knew where there are some bars with non-alcoholic beverages.

Them: Right there is something, blah blah blah

Me to American Girl: So what was I interrupting that you were telling your friend?

American Girl: I was telling her about what happened with my ex the other day. She’s French.

Me to French Girl: Je m’apelle NolaMan

American Girl: It’s Jurr my pelle not Je m’appelle

Me: No, it’s Je m’appelle.

American Girl: Well, bon soir good night.

Me to American Girl:  Actually, it is nighttime so it is “bon nuit.”

American Girl: No, it’s bon soir since it is still evening (mind you it is past 9 pm)

Me to French Girl: Right now, is it bon soir or bon nuit?

French Girl to American Girl: It is “bon nuit” since it is nighttime.

American Girl to me: Ok, well we’re leaving now and if you want to see us, we’ll be in XYZ bar.

We shake hands, exchange names, then American girl pulls French girl away to the bar. I should have gotten the French girl’s number. Oh well. I do not want to sound like someone who is bitter from mistreatment from the women of this country. I must’nt learn to hate my countrywomen. However, when I get dealt with in this manner, it is hard not to. The French girl, while a bit shy, was polite and not interrputing what I had to say and would comment as see fit. The American girl would in opposite fashion, even going as far as insisiting she was correct (it’s bon soir not bon nuit) to save face since she obviously did not know French. The next country awaits my visit in less than 2 months!


One response to “The American Girl and the French Girl

  1. It’s quite fascinating. Harsh critics of western women would argue that even French girls are reserved and uptight to an extent, but their degree of femininity is far greater than that of American women in the U.S. In other words, it appears that American men would have a fabulous time with women by just hoping on a plane and flying over to Western Europe (U.K, Germany, France, Denmark). It actually gets better as you go east, but…nonetheless… lets take this observation by Nola Man to appreciate the feminine traits of European women, overseas, in comparison to our own. Nola Man, you should have gotten her number… I’m currently keeping in touch with a Siberian girl, who lives in my area…I’ll let you know how that goes my brother.

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