Adopt an Abundance Mentality Immediately

In a very rare occurrence in which I can agree with a particular online website is the premise by which Plenty of Fish operates: there’s more fish in the sea. A large problem I see with my associates who struggle with women is that they have developed a scarcity mindset. Scarcity mindsets cause men to go to the club and literally fight over the women. Scarcity mindsets cause men to become white knights in hopes of saving a woman to then receive attention and sex from her, which never happens (fyi: I am not saying anything is wrong from saving someone in an emergency). Scarcity mindsets cause thirst on Instagram, thereby inflating the woman’s ego and increasing her sexual market “price.” All of these tendencies I’ve mentioned are classified with someone who has developed a scarcity mindset. These tendencies are counterproductive to being successful with multiple women.

Enter the abundance mentality: there’s more fish in the sea. As a man who has been proactively meeting more and more women since I’ve made my long-awaited return to the game, the abundance mentality may be more powerful than any other tool in the player’s toolbox. Approaching is key but understanding why a large volume of approaching is necessary, one must firstly adopt an abundance mentality. You might say, well in my city most of the women are fat, bitchy, have kids, married, boyfriend, in jail, etc. Nevertheless, there are still some gems left in your city, depending on its size. I made the following chart to further illustrate my point. It is a snapshot of available attractive black women ages 17-35 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish proper):

women chart of new orleans


It does not take a scientist to throw one  of these together for your city. Back to the point, scarcity mindsets make more sense in rural areas, where the women are actually scarce. In these somewhat rare cases, it may be important to become the big fish in a little pond. However, 80.7% of Americans live in urban areas, according to the 2010 Census. That’s 4 out of every 5 Americans. So for the vast majority of Americans, there is no need to have a scarcity mindset. My men, adopt an abundance mentality immediately so we can stop the violence in the club, lower the attractive woman’s ego, and increase the camaraderie between males thereby eradicating the phenomenon of white knighting.


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