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New Orleans Restaurant Review: Drago’s

Located beneath the Hilton Riverside Hotel, this large oyster restaurant lay churning. I was unaware that this restaurant existed here for almost a decade. I thought the only location was in Fat City, Metry. I like being a tourist in my own town so I went with a potna of mine to this restaurant. It was not too fancy, but it was very large on the inside. Where have I been all this time? I simply did not know it existed. Even if you google Dragos, the only location that appears is the one in Fat City.

Anyways, when it was time to order, I got 6 charbroiled/chargrilled oysters on the half-shell. They are not chargrilled like I thought they would be. Total meal came out to more than $50 bucks but I got paid that day and decided to splurge a little bit. Here is a picture of how they look. They taste very well but honestly I could have eaten 100 of them with no problem.


Where to Buy Live Shrimp in New Orleans

Live shrimp are by far the most effective bait I use, even more so than dead bait. Be sure to have your aerator ready to keep los camarones alive and wigglin’!Here are a few local (in New Orleans) bait shops which will have live shrimp:

A place I have been going since a youth-

Bait Inc

Paris Road at Bayou Bienvenue

(504) 277-3755. Call them ahead of time.

Seabrook Marina

France Road next to Pontchartrain Landing

(504) 283-6001

Chef Pass Bait Shop

This place is right past the Chef Pass Bridge to its north. These people have bait but I do not have their phone number.

Gulf Outlet Marina Boat Launch

In St. Bernard Parish off of Paris Rd. not far from Bait Inc. and behind the hotel.

(504) 304-9598

Live shrimp season is here as well!

Now go wear em out!

Friday Fish Fry Rant

Today, Friday, is one of the many days, especially during Lent, when one eats a fish plate. Fish plates typically consist of macaroni and cheese, peas, potato salad, cake, bread/dinner roll, and CATFISH… Why on Earth do people insist on cooking and eating not only the least hygienic fish of the sea but the very fish nearly all salt fisherman throw back in the water saying something like this while catching one, “Da–, it aint nun but a motha f—in’ hardhead!” We have such better tasting variety in our waters in South Louisiana: croakers, redfish, speckled trout, white trout, flounder, black drum, etc for virtually everywhere but the high end restaurants selling fish plates with nothing else but “Got damn hardhead.” See below: