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Giving up ‘insert addiction here’ for Lent

I was raised a catholic in New Orleans and have since grown astray from the church. I consider myself to be agnostic and respect others’ religious choices. Just please please please please please, don’t try convert me to your religion or I will get mad. A few rituals exist, however, that I can appreciate from the catholic church. One of these rituals is lent which begins on Mardi Gras Sober-Up Day, Ash Wednesday. I look at it as a reinforcement of a New Year’s Resolution which I have halfway failed at maintaining and to add a few other vices to the mix. I celebrate this holiday as it challenges me to be a better person. For this lent, I gave up cursing as well as drinking alcohol. There will be no cursing in my posts until at least Easter 2012.

Now, I have had my people in town for Mardi Gras weekend and a few days after Mardi Gras, so I did not begin my ritual until that following Sunday ;-). Thus far, I am being pretty faithful to it. Temptation is literally right around the corner though. My co-worker is throwing a party next week and has already declared that the bottles will be flowing all night long. I will have to do as years past and drink red bulls and energy drinks so I can jitter and convulse like being in the Magnolia Projects on New Years Eve in 1999.