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I Got Stung by a Jellyfish

Hitting up the wave-runners (jet-skis) in Gulf Coast Mississippi yesterday, I got stung by a cocksuckin jellyfish. This is how it happened: being tired, I deferred the option to drive and decided to ride on the back of a wave runner. It was my female cousin who drove and I rode the back. She went slow until the buoy and then hit it full throttle. She swerved hard and flipped over and out the wave runner. She gets hit by one jellyfish on her foot but I get stung all on my arms, legs, and forearm.

Here’s a picture of the carnage:



I went to the local Walgreens. The pharmacist there poured vinegar on my forearm for free. He even spilled it to make sure I was okay. I know the pharmacy smelled like vinegar after we left. Hours later, I looked up how to remedy these welts that appeared. It said for me to scrape my wounds with a credit card. I am not supposed to use fresh water, ice, but instead use seawater to rinse. I scraped my wounds with my gold Harrah’s reward card and the jelly started to ooze out, which was pretty cool.

Advice to swimmers. Don’t get stung, wear a wetsuit, keep a credit card, and vinegar handy to all beach trips.