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2015 Exists to Rehash my Lifestyle

“…baby you like Dom, maybe this Cristal’ll change your life, huh? Roll with the winners.” – Jay-Z: Dead Presidents II



The time has come in my life to put myself in a true position to create the lifestyle I’ve longed for. I’ve had some opportunities present themselves that can set me up to reap benefits in the very near future. All it takes is for me to remain focused, and that itself will translate to less dating and more learning the trade. I’ve quit my stagnating job to focus on this full time. I am excited to be on the track to demand much higher pay concurrent with more time off. 2015 is set to be an emerging year with lifestyle to be set in 2017/2018 at the age of 30/31. My thirties are set to be the best decade yet. Here’s to 2015 and to some future initiatives:





All Weight Lifting Exercises Known to Man in One Spot

I have found one simple weight lifting website that appears to be circa 1998 and has stood the test of time. It shows every single exercise for every single muscle in your body except for your weiny, tongue, and ears. It even shows an instant .gif of how to perform the exercise without having the need to let a slow ass youtube video load. It even has exercises for your booty cheeks. Anyway, here it is:

Peep it out chumps and stop skipping your leg workout days!!!

Beats versus Lyrics: Which camp are you in?

I am a big fan of rap music. I am an even bigger fan of underground/non-mainstream rap. I may be the biggest fan of the beats used in all of rap. Call me cliche’ or what have you but I know a great beat when I hear one. The following items constitute a good beat:

1. A nice bass line

2. A chord playing underneath the song

3. Good drums

4. A man singing on the hook (think 2010 Kush and Orange Juice Wiz Khalifa only singing on the hook)

5. Optional – Instruments not usually involved in a rap song: guitar, violin, saxophone, etc

I could care less what the lyricist is saying. The lyricist can only help the great beat as long as he or she stays on beat. For me, lyrics are overrated. I have associates who will insist I listen to a song so that I can hear what so and so said in witty and slick ways. I oftentimes listen and then need to cut the listening session short due to the absence of a viable beat. I would say, “Look bra, it’s nice and all but I can’t listen to it because of that rubbish beat,” and then they become frustrated with me and say I am stupid. We wind up arguing and become pissed at each other for an hour or so then we are okay again after a few brewskis. There are clearly two camps on this issue:

1. The beat camp, like me, who tend to enjoy the music and I bet comprise of mostly musicians or wannabes.

2. The lyric camp, who themselves are mindless souls and bop their pitiful heads to any damn thing that makes noise including to but not limited to: crickets, lawnmowers, printing sounds, and cars riding above steel grade bridges AS LONG AS someone is spitting above average Lloyd Banksish punchlines.

What camp are you in?


How to Beat Claire on

I don’t know how I did it. You can look at the move list to try to figure it out (I don’t know chess notation that well). Nevertheless, here’s my proof that I beat the baddest b*tch in all of chess:


New Orleans Restaurant Review: Drago’s

Located beneath the Hilton Riverside Hotel, this large oyster restaurant lay churning. I was unaware that this restaurant existed here for almost a decade. I thought the only location was in Fat City, Metry. I like being a tourist in my own town so I went with a potna of mine to this restaurant. It was not too fancy, but it was very large on the inside. Where have I been all this time? I simply did not know it existed. Even if you google Dragos, the only location that appears is the one in Fat City.

Anyways, when it was time to order, I got 6 charbroiled/chargrilled oysters on the half-shell. They are not chargrilled like I thought they would be. Total meal came out to more than $50 bucks but I got paid that day and decided to splurge a little bit. Here is a picture of how they look. They taste very well but honestly I could have eaten 100 of them with no problem.

First Hornets Game I’ve Gone to in Three Years

I scored a ticket for free and after realizing no one was interested in attending the game outside the arena for a $10 ticket, with a 37.5% sale (reg. ticket price was $16), I thought I’d check it out to see Eric Gordon play after his long hiatus due to his knee. I am not a New Orleans Hornets fan. I no longer have a favorite team. I liked the late 90’s Knicks with Allan Houston, Latrell Sprewell, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Charlie Ward, with Chris Childs, Kurt Thomas, and Marcus Camby coming off the bench. Since then, NBA basketball has fallen off for me. If anything I watch the playoffs (Read: NBA Finals).

The last Hornets game I have been to was when Carmelo went berserk on the Hornets and beat them by 60 some-odd points. No joke! I ordered Dippin’ Dots and peanuts. At halftime I was ready to leave, no longer interested in this boring game. I did get a chance to snap a few photos before I left though.


Optimizing a Smoothie King Purchase

I am using price per ounce analysis. For a 20 oz small Chocolate Hulk the price comes out to $5.97 including tax. For the same smoothie twice its size it comes out to be $9.80. The better deal obviously is the 40 oz, or is it? In the former scenario I am spending $0.2985 per ounce while in the latter scenario I am spending $0.245 per ounce. $10 a day on smoothies or $300/month instead of $150/month. If you want to gain weight, you have to be rich, plain and simple. I had that realization in 2008 trying out for a college football team. In 2012, same old ish just a different day or toilet as my potna would say.