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New Orleans Restaurant Review: Drago’s

Located beneath the Hilton Riverside Hotel, this large oyster restaurant lay churning. I was unaware that this restaurant existed here for almost a decade. I thought the only location was in Fat City, Metry. I like being a tourist in my own town so I went with a potna of mine to this restaurant. It was not too fancy, but it was very large on the inside. Where have I been all this time? I simply did not know it existed. Even if you google Dragos, the only location that appears is the one in Fat City.

Anyways, when it was time to order, I got 6 charbroiled/chargrilled oysters on the half-shell. They are not chargrilled like I thought they would be. Total meal came out to more than $50 bucks but I got paid that day and decided to splurge a little bit. Here is a picture of how they look. They taste very well but honestly I could have eaten 100 of them with no problem.