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3 Simple Steps to Watch FREE Live NFL Online

TV is just something I hardly watch. One of the very few exceptions to that is watching NFL football. I do not own a TV and am online a lot at home and at work so watching NFL football works best for me on my computer if I am not going to sports bras/sports bars. I stumbled on this website in week 7 of this season. There’s not many other ways to describe it besides: IT’S THE SHIT! Here are three steps to watch free live NFL online:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Click “live”
  3. Click where it says “play now!” (Make sure it is one of the flash channels so you do not have to download anything)

And Voila! Free football on your computer. Thank me later.

Geaux Saints! 5-8


5 Best NORD Football Teams of All Time

The 2012 football season is about to kick-off! Go Saints, as in Go Goretti Saints! As far as NORD football is concerned, New Orleans has maintained a decent amount of community-based parks and the teams associated with them even Post-K. I am biased toward Goretti football since that is where I played for two seasons decades ago. Nevertheless, these are the top five teams who always put strong teams on the grid-iron every season:

5. Lakeview Vikings

We used to crush Lakeview. Here’s their website:

4. Milne Raiders

Very good in baseball, pretty good in football, Milne had some serious people to come through there, in baseball that is.

3. Joe Brown ?s

Joe Brown had some speedy finesse players. They were legitimate.

2. Harrell ?S

This team was almost as good as us. They were our best matchup every year.

1. Goretti Saints

Goretti was the quintessential playground and football program in New Orleans. We won many championships before I played as well as after I played.

Honorable mentions: Pontchartrain Park, Kenilworth Park, Hunters, Willie Hall, Bunny Friend, Digby, Carrollton,…

I found a website while  writing this post that has all the contact info and locations for these playgrounds. Good job Partnership for Youth Development!

Sean Pamphilon Writes Essay about Saints’ Bounty

I tuned in to the Sports Hangover on 690 AM to hear Sean Pamphilon, an independent filmmaker who released the Greg Williams’ bounty audio, tell his side of the story. It was a great interview. I looked up his essay which is a bit long-winded but it is very interesting and provides an opportunity to view the Saints organization from the inside out. Check it out here: