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2015 Exists to Rehash my Lifestyle

“…baby you like Dom, maybe this Cristal’ll change your life, huh? Roll with the winners.” – Jay-Z: Dead Presidents II



The time has come in my life to put myself in a true position to create the lifestyle I’ve longed for. I’ve had some opportunities present themselves that can set me up to reap benefits in the very near future. All it takes is for me to remain focused, and that itself will translate to less dating and more learning the trade. I’ve quit my stagnating job to focus on this full time. I am excited to be on the track to demand much higher pay concurrent with more time off. 2015 is set to be an emerging year with lifestyle to be set in 2017/2018 at the age of 30/31. My thirties are set to be the best decade yet. Here’s to 2015 and to some future initiatives:





Find the Game that Works for You

There are many universal truths to the game that hold true for virtually anywhere in the world such as: being confident, wearing nice clothes, not being needy, etc. Nevertheless, there are multiple schools of game that promote certain styles of game over others. There’s asshole/cocky game, clown game, big baller game, romantic game, gangsta game, beta game among others that work at varying degrees of success.  It is imperative you use the optimal game based on your current location, look, style, income, and personality. These are not absolute, however, and can shift especially when relocating or traveling to another city/state/nation.


New Orleans, Louisiana. 2nd tier American city (world class city in some respects), with large tourist population. Targets are: 1) mostly African American women including a large percentage of mulattas, 2) white women from Uptown, Bywater, Lakeview, and neighboring suburbs, 3) latinas predominantly from Honduras, Mexico, and to a lesser extent the Dominican Republic, and 4) tourists from everywhere around the globe. Based on this location with a large AA female population (who show me the most interest), I have found a variant of clown and asshole game gets the best reception from them. If I had the willpower to work 10x as hard than I have to for black women then I would purse more whites and latinas.


I am on the taller half in height, with a slender body, light-skinned black, and so my look from my experiences is most receptive to black women regardless of where I go in America.  I tend to use my time and resources to connect with black women because of that fact. That is not to say, however, that I do not approach women of other races/ethnicities who give me IOIs (indicators of interest) which is not that rare.


I am somewhat thrifty so my outfits from head to toe will seldom cost more than $100 total. I’d like to say I leave the house looking decent but improvement can definitely be made. Every once in a while, I like to wear a suit when I go out. The difference in reception is noticeable. Due to my style, I tend to frequent places where there are a lot of other guys (competition) and have to “out-game” other guys. In the near future, I would like to be comfortable where I can patronize establishments with $15 cocktails pretty often with no sweat along with the attire to boot.


I am of lower middle class income. I am working on increasing that in the next few years. I am considering returning to school for a 2 year skilled craft since my 4 year degree and Master’s haven’t boosted my income. Due to a few changes in my lifestyle, I have been able to save a bit more the past few months. The game I have to use based on my income excludes most high-end establishments (where 8+ women tend to go) so I am consistently in places where there are an equal ratio 1:1 of men to women or places with more men to women.  I don’t do sausagefests. My income level has also caused me to invest more of my efforts during the day. The daytime can be a goldmine (some cities more than others, Memphis is not a daygame city while New Orleans is) and I recommend every man to implement some daygame if he wants to increase his pool of suitable mates.


I have a personality in which I can be silly and like to act a fuckin fool. At the same time, I am not that interested in what people have to say unless it affects me directly or indirectly. I am an introverted person who is not very talkative unless I am drinking. The best way for me to strive with my personality is to use a clownish-style of game. I find that women either eat it up or it pisses them off to high heavens. I like to talk to women with very absurd opening statements. If a woman with a black and white striped shirt is there, I would say, “The zebras of the Serengeti have relocated to the rear, don’t lose them.” (DON’T USE MY SHIT!) She would either get the joke immediately, “hahahaha,” get confused “whattttt” or get pissed “you’re not funny.” That’s one way I find enjoyment in life. Since it is a game, it should be fun.

Based on my current location, look, style, income, and personality, I use the game which is best for me. If I were to write a sentence to describe my specific particular game it would be this:

I tend to target black women since I am in the N.O. and have a look that they are receptive to in sports bars/low to middling clubs/or in daygame wearing jeans, v-necks, boots and light accessories running clownish asshole game. 

This can improve or shift which is why it is important to be fluid like water.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” -Bruce Lee


First Youtube Video Uploaded

What’s happening everyone! I’ve uploaded my first youtube video. Check out my channel for future uploads.



To Delete or to not Delete her Number

There are two schools of thought on whether or not a man should keep or delete a girl’s number that he got from hollering at her. One contingent argues that you keep the number since you may be able to catch her on a day where she may be feeling receptive to the man’s game. The other contingent argues that you delete her number as soon after two separate attempts to contact her as it is a waste of time trying to sell the girl on the prospect of meeting up again. Let’s get the universal truths about getting numbers straight first, shall we?

1) Numbers are becoming more and more useless. Women give numbers to men a lot of times to avoid a confrontation. Hence, they would prefer to just let the phone ring to reject a man in a passive manner. Women are drunk especially at night and do not remember giving out numbers.

2) A phone number even from a hot lead does not guarantee that the man will ever see her again. Even with the most “ideal” first meeting with her, you are not guaranteed anything. This used to be the case with lukewarm and warm leads but the flakiness even happens with supposed “hot” leads.

In my experience, I have both deleted numbers as well as kept numbers. I cannot say that I have capitalized with “cold” numbers but I have revived some conversational threads with them. Reasons I would delete numbers these days would be due to her being disrespectful or her acting like she does not remember me. I would advise my fellow men to keep numbers until you truly don’t need them anymore. They can always be used in a passive type of game. A decently crafted text or voicemail takes < 10 seconds, not that much of a waste if she responds and agrees to meet up with you is it?

Travel Memoir: Santo Domingo, is Here!

I went to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in June and boy did I have a blast!! I wrote this memoir detailing my times there. I am releasing it as an ebook. Click below to get your copy!

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Dryspell = A Return to Fundamentals

However  brief, I know this game has valleys and peaks. – Jay-Z “Can I Live”

The dry spell or drought. Now  before I expound on this phenomenon most men in the dating marketplace (game) have experienced known as a drought, let me refine what I consider a “drought.” What I consider a drought is more than a simple sexless drought. The man experiencing a true drought as defined by me must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • It mustn’t be by choice
  • Prostitutes cannot break the drought
  • Current FWBs or women in the rotation cannot break the drought
  • Anything under your personal preference of a 7 cannot break the drought

It mustn’t be by choice

If there’s a rare occasion in which a man decides to give up the game for personal reasons such as familial obligations, work, refocus, etc., then he has chosen to be in a voluntary drought. Therefore, a man who is actively engaging with the opposite sex to get laid but has not been getting laid has met this criteria.
Prostitutes cannot break the drought

I am not against men patronizing escorts. Escorts and prostitutes, when priced right, can lower the control attractive non-working women have on the sexual marketplace. Patronizing escorts becomes a problem when a man begins to rely on them for sexual intimacy. Generally speaking, as opposed to regular women, prostitutes are always available for a certain specific monetary price; therefore, they cannot be used to break a drought or dry spell.

Current FWBs or women in the rotation cannot break the drought

The old harem. If a man successfully has a few quality women in rotation, then he could possibly never be in a “sexless drought.” It is the goal for many men who are in the game, to have sex on demand with any of a nice rotation of 3 or 4 quality women. However, this drought I speak of can only include new conquests. Friends With Benefits (FWBs), therefore, cannot break a drought or dry spell.
Anything under your personal perference of a 7 cannot break the drought

In my city, New Orleans, the effort it takes to be intimate with a 9 (there are no 10’s in my eyes) is an order of magnitude harder than an 8, which is an order of magnitude harder than a 7, and so on. I will not fault any man for taking some easy pickings to quell his thirst. We don’t want any violence to occur. However, if you get laid with someone you consciously consider less than your most liberal sexual preference, then no improvement is made and thus the drought or dryspell persists.


A Return to Fundamentals

A man will do as he pleases. In my personal worldview, these are the elements to a true drought. The sharpening of a man’s game who is not necessarily interested in exclusive relationships could only occur from chasing new conquests. Of course, there is something to be done about the drought. You’ve guessed it, I am currently in a long unexpected drought. Therefore, the fundamentals of the game during a drought are more important than ever:

  • Approach, approach, approach, approach, approach, ……..
  • Escalate far as possible at initial interaction
  • Set up dates with optimal logistics


Mistress Material vs. Wifey Material (Even If You Are Still Playing The Field)

Even if you are not searching for your significant other and looking to continue playing the field, like me, it is good to understand the difference. As a youngling, first crashing onto the dating scene, I could care less about who was wifey material and who was mistress material (an easy smash on the side). I was simply trying to develop my game and smash everything in site. Every female was target practice..even the wifeys. For the most part, I was just trying to add notches under my belt. More notches meant more validation. And of course, more validation meant recognition as a World Class Player…well…at least among the bros.


Unfortunately for females, the wifey/mistress dichotomy is starting to become clearer by the day. Social media and reality television have played an increasingly important role in shedding light on the ulterior motives of women…if they have any. More importantly, the mistresses have acquired unique traits, and the wifeys have acquired their own.


Wifey Material

I won’t spend too long on this part because it is quite obvious when you are with a woman who has some “potential.” Using your senses… you can often notice something different about women who have a healthy amount of virtue, purity, and goodness in their soul. Women who are considered to be legitimate wifey/girlfriend  material will usually have to be approached during daytime hours, but sometimes they can even be found at nightclubs and bars with the scandalous ones. The good news is that they can be found anywhere…Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and even social networking sites. If you exchange information with her, you will usually find that your interactions with her are quite unique. Unfortunately, the wifeys will also play games at times, but they do this as a result of peer pressure. They are also protective of their emotions, not their egos.


Social Media Validation

As far as their social media is concerned, these types of females may be a bit insecure, but they aren’t going to do anything blatantly slutty. A lot of their pics on popular social media sites will be of things that they consider interesting, funny events, and places they’ve traveled. You may even notice nieces, nephews, cousins, and other babies in the pics that aren’t even theirs. A love of family and friendship is often displayed in the pictures associated with their social media profiles.


Name Dropping

There won’t be much obnoxious name dropping with these types of women, but if they do drop names, it will be of people worth taking note of…you know…real role models. I used to date a girl in Florida who campaigned for John Edwards during her summer internship. The scandal, which revealed his extramarital affairs, would prove that maybe he wasn’t the best role model, but at least the guy used to be a respectable politician. I’ve even chatted with females who talked about working for prominent lawyers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and even knew the District Attorney and Mayor of Dallas. These are the types of people that will be mentioned by the wifeys. Like other females, the wifeys are definitely boasting of their accomplishments and adding on to their social value by mentioning these names…but hey, at least they’re doing it the respectable way.



You and her may bump into her guy friends while spending time with her, but usually the interactions will be platonic, and friendly….Trust me, you can tell if something’s going on.


Flakiness and Communication Skills

As with all women, expect the wifeys to flake just as much as women who are mistress material. Just know that the communication will be there to at least explain why. Excuses are excuses, but at least you’ll get one….and im not talking about the morning after she gets banged by some other guy and is on her way home to watch Basketball Wives. You will usually get your lame excuse that night. Even if it is a lie, she will often put effort into making it seem valid…in order to show you that she actually cares. Communication is often very fluid with women who fall into the wifey category. You will find that your text messages are replied to with complete sentences, which often show that you are chatting with a woman of substance. Phone conversations will also be chatty, and expect a lot of effort from her…due to the fact that wifeys are often trying to seperate themselves from the annoying cum buckets, which we label as “mistress material.”


Mistress Material


Mistresses of the 21st century…or side-chicks, whatever you want to call them…have evolved incredibly over time. It is also difficult to tell them apart from the wifeys at times. Yes…they have mastered the art of “blending in.” The additional traits of mistresses often include provocative full body “selfies” on instagram (with tons of likes from thirsty beta males), a large collection of freak-um dresses, and numerous appearances in nightclubs and popular bars in your local downtown/uptown area. Their twerking skills on the dance floor are also proficient and put on display for all to see. Thirsty for a swig of her sexual abilities?…If you’re a smooth and confident alpha-male, feel free to head on to the dance floor as she will be more than willing to grind on your crotch (usually for a maximum of 1-2 songs…you’ll probably only get 30 seconds of she’s a 8,9, or a dime). Betas, on the other hand, will need to take a careful approach in order to get some grind action. Unfortunately, if she’s trying to raise her social value, you may get rejected, but she is a slut, so the chances are good that you’ll get some action. Unfortunately, if you take on the task of “exchanging” with her (conversation, getting the digits, etc.), your troubles may begin if you don’t bang her that very same night.


Social Media Validation

Mistresses are usually a tad bit difficult to deal with. Almost every form of social media has been converted into some type of app that will allow them to receive constant validation simply by pulling out their cell phones. Instagram, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder are just a few. But of course, keep in mind that when you guys are kicking it, she will definitely be texting and playing on her “celly”  in order to demonstrate her social value.




Name Dropping

Also, we cannot forget about the name dropping. A female that is mistress material will consistently name drop local promoters, athletes, entertainers, and other celebrities who have banged, sodomized, and rubbed shoulders with her. For increased social value, she will consistently drop names, tell stories, and show pictures without shame.





Lastly, there may be “surprise” props (other guys) who recognize her and give her a passionate hug  and kiss on the cheek during your date with her. If you’re secure with yourself, feel free to introduce yourself to these guys, and maybe even connect with them on social media after exchanging names…if you’re lucky, they may be able to clue you in on how the pussy was and even drop some facts on the type of female that you’re dealing with.


Flakiness and Communication Skills

A lack of grace and excessively sexual body language is a common trait of females with the “mistress” gene. Additionally, flakiness and the inability to adequately answer text messages and phone calls will be common with these types of females. For the most part…your paragraph of text may be answered with only one-five words… 3 hours later, but that’s just the way it is. Keep in mind that there are one hundred other thirsty savages trying to get the “punani: as well….Without a doubt, mistresses are good for their purpose and their sexual abilities are usually indispensable, but “know” the situation before you hop into it. Tragically, women who are mistress material will often succeed in getting married, starting families, and duping men who are otherwise considered respectable. Luckily, that will not be you if your 5 senses are functioning properly.  I cannot stress the importance of smashing, banging, and slaying these types as soon as possible. It is perfectly fine to pursue and bang females who are mistress material…but it is perfectly necessary to be able to identify them quickly.




Go Forth And Conquer,