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To Delete or to not Delete her Number

There are two schools of thought on whether or not a man should keep or delete a girl’s number that he got from hollering at her. One contingent argues that you keep the number since you may be able to catch her on a day where she may be feeling receptive to the man’s game. The other contingent argues that you delete her number as soon after two separate attempts to contact her as it is a waste of time trying to sell the girl on the prospect of meeting up again. Let’s get the universal truths about getting numbers straight first, shall we?

1) Numbers are becoming more and more useless. Women give numbers to men a lot of times to avoid a confrontation. Hence, they would prefer to just let the phone ring to reject a man in a passive manner. Women are drunk especially at night and do not remember giving out numbers.

2) A phone number even from a hot lead does not guarantee that the man will ever see her again. Even with the most “ideal” first meeting with her, you are not guaranteed anything. This used to be the case with lukewarm and warm leads but the flakiness even happens with supposed “hot” leads.

In my experience, I have both deleted numbers as well as kept numbers. I cannot say that I have capitalized with “cold” numbers but I have revived some conversational threads with them. Reasons I would delete numbers these days would be due to her being disrespectful or her acting like she does not remember me. I would advise my fellow men to keep numbers until you truly don’t need them anymore. They can always be used in a passive type of game. A decently crafted text or voicemail takes < 10 seconds, not that much of a waste if she responds and agrees to meet up with you is it?