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The Case for Legalized Prostitution in America from a Male SMV Perspective

Most pro-legalize prostitution articles analyze the phenomenon by explaining factors upon how women will benefit: the elimination of pimps, STD testing, tax revenues, reduction of human trafficking, etc which are all cut and dry benefits. I beg to examine the other perspective, how does not legalizing prostitution impact a large segment of men?

For the below average man (in sexual market value terms, SMV) in this town and the vast majority of America (50% of the male population), p0rn is increasingly becoming the only outlet to release any sexual tension. Attractive women are either being priced out or are already in exclusive relationships leaving nobody available but undesired women: overweight/obese, multiple kids with multiple partners, very old, etc. This along with prostitution’s illegality prevents any sexual tension release with actual desirable women short of a crime. Even then, people wonder why there are mass killings by these below average males. It is due to their rejection by society with a large part of the damage being done by women who had rejected them. Legalizing prostitution can save many lives and regulate something that has been going on, is going on, and will continue into the future. Guaranteed.

Game is not the savior it claims to be when you must spend the lion share of your time continuing to earn income to be able to foster a lifestyle that will earn you a higher social status which will translate to higher quality women. Game is a full-time job with marginal benefits for a lower-than-average income earner. The top gurus claim only 5% conversion rates. That’s 1 out of 20 approaches, 5 out of 100, and so on. The amount of time required to gain any traction in approaching that sheer number of females would prevent the man from pursuing extra income. On the other side of the coin, the man with an established lifestyle who has time to devote to the game really has something special working in his favor. Game can be a temporary fix given the man is willing to put in the work even if it includes losing time to working on earning more income.

Thus, we must entertain the idea of legislating legalized prostitution. The trend of attractive women being tougher and tougher to date will continue as technology  continues its path (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) as they are able to price out the average to below average male as if they were on the auction block simply by posting sexy pictures of themselves. Due to this, attractive women in person have very high standards these days. The only other option for our below average SMV male is sexbots, dolls, porn, or CRIME. As a man, I empathize with these men even amidst my own struggles with women. My prediction is that if prostitution becomes legal in America, as in taxed and regulated, then our attractive women will receive less attention causing their behaviors to shift which will restore some parity in this dating market. Knowing the Puritan roots of  this increasingly feminized nation, I won’t be holding my breath for any traction on this issue. God Bless America




Ghetto Tracker New Orleans Edition

The Ghetto Tracker app is an application that will allow people to report on a place and determine whether or not a place is “safe” aka where the black neighborhoods are.  Here’s more information about it here:

Traveling to a new city? Will you be visiting a safe part of town?

Ghetto Tracker can help you determine which parts of town are safe and which parts are not. It’s simple. We use a rating system that allows locals and people familiar with area rate which parts of town are safe and which ones are unsafe.

Who can benefit from the Ghetto Tracker?

People who can benefit from this site include, but are not limited to, students, traveling professionals, people on vacation, anyone moving to a new city, and it can even help people become more familiar with their own city.

In this post, I am going to comment on the locations of some of the New Orleans hot spots of this application. Here’s a screenshot of the New Orleans Ghetto Tracker Map:

ghetto tracker

 Let’s take a look at the “red” hotspots of subjective criminality according to Ghetto Tracker:

  • Hollygrove – Agree
  • Gert Town – Agree
  • Tulane Avenue – Agree
  • Central City – Agree
  • Iberville Projects – They’re being torn down so I disagree.
  • Upper 9th Ward – Agree
  • Seventh Ward – Agree

If anything, this tracker did not include a few neighborhoods. However, biased it may seem at first glance, it is actually quite accurate for the city of New Orleans. We need more apps like this that will cause controversy.