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Dryspell = A Return to Fundamentals

However  brief, I know this game has valleys and peaks. – Jay-Z “Can I Live”

The dry spell or drought. Now  before I expound on this phenomenon most men in the dating marketplace (game) have experienced known as a drought, let me refine what I consider a “drought.” What I consider a drought is more than a simple sexless drought. The man experiencing a true drought as defined by me must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • It mustn’t be by choice
  • Prostitutes cannot break the drought
  • Current FWBs or women in the rotation cannot break the drought
  • Anything under your personal preference of a 7 cannot break the drought

It mustn’t be by choice

If there’s a rare occasion in which a man decides to give up the game for personal reasons such as familial obligations, work, refocus, etc., then he has chosen to be in a voluntary drought. Therefore, a man who is actively engaging with the opposite sex to get laid but has not been getting laid has met this criteria.
Prostitutes cannot break the drought

I am not against men patronizing escorts. Escorts and prostitutes, when priced right, can lower the control attractive non-working women have on the sexual marketplace. Patronizing escorts becomes a problem when a man begins to rely on them for sexual intimacy. Generally speaking, as opposed to regular women, prostitutes are always available for a certain specific monetary price; therefore, they cannot be used to break a drought or dry spell.

Current FWBs or women in the rotation cannot break the drought

The old harem. If a man successfully has a few quality women in rotation, then he could possibly never be in a “sexless drought.” It is the goal for many men who are in the game, to have sex on demand with any of a nice rotation of 3 or 4 quality women. However, this drought I speak of can only include new conquests. Friends With Benefits (FWBs), therefore, cannot break a drought or dry spell.
Anything under your personal perference of a 7 cannot break the drought

In my city, New Orleans, the effort it takes to be intimate with a 9 (there are no 10’s in my eyes) is an order of magnitude harder than an 8, which is an order of magnitude harder than a 7, and so on. I will not fault any man for taking some easy pickings to quell his thirst. We don’t want any violence to occur. However, if you get laid with someone you consciously consider less than your most liberal sexual preference, then no improvement is made and thus the drought or dryspell persists.


A Return to Fundamentals

A man will do as he pleases. In my personal worldview, these are the elements to a true drought. The sharpening of a man’s game who is not necessarily interested in exclusive relationships could only occur from chasing new conquests. Of course, there is something to be done about the drought. You’ve guessed it, I am currently in a long unexpected drought. Therefore, the fundamentals of the game during a drought are more important than ever:

  • Approach, approach, approach, approach, approach, ……..
  • Escalate far as possible at initial interaction
  • Set up dates with optimal logistics